This Double Award A Level is a great preparation for students who wish to progress to higher education in the fileld of Art & Design or enter a work placement in creative design.  You will work to realistic briefs which will allow you to explore both 2D and 3D  disciplines.

Write a concise and interesting paragraph here that explains what this course is about

An opportunity to develop previously acquired skills in order to develop personal creativity and learn more about media, materials and techniques. Looking at the work of other artists is an important part of personal development. You will extend your research skills, increasing your understanding of the art world and your place in it. The year will culminate in an exhibition of student work at The Lightbox Gallery in Woking.

Write a concise and interesting paragraph here that explains what this course is about

This course is all about embracing the many varied art and design disciplines. This platform can be used to share ideas, provide information and all sorts of other interactive functions.  We will be using it with all AS units.  If you have any questions you can submit them here.

This is a course which will extend and develop your interest in art and the history behind trends, developments and artists themselves.

Welcome to As Fine Art at Woking College. During this course will explore materials, techniques, surfaces, artists, concepts and the depths of your own thoughts and feelings. We hope you will enjoy the work you do and grow in confidence to express yourself fully during your time with us.

You will undertake projects, which enable you to understand and explore the creative potential of the 35mm SLR camera as well as the use of a digital camera techniques.We are learning to manipulate images through computers, scanners, photocopiers and by using the black and white dark room .

 Textiles encourages you as a creative individual to look at the world around you. Recording your observations through drawing, identifying textures,surfaces, colour and patterns. Combining this with the exploration of various textiles techniques and approaches will allow you to develop new skills enabling you experiment and  fully develop your ideas.