The World Challenge enrichment is an opportunity to go on a residential trip to another country.  While there you will experience the cultural traditions, complete an activity (such as hiking or kayaking... or so much more) and most importantly complete a charitable task.  This is a fantastic experience and something you can put on your CV or personal statement.  During the enrichment you will be part of a fundraising team and be a part of planning and hosting events at college to fund your trip. 

How can I improve my long-jump? Who should be running this country? Why do women get 'hysterical'? Can you trust your doctor? What's so great about James Bond? How much ancient Greek do you know? - you'd be surprised!

A taster course in Classical Civilisation, aiming to show how many aspects of ancient Greek and Roman culture are still alive and kicking in the modern world.We cover language, sport, mythology, epic literature, science, politics, theatre, philosophy, etc.....

Anyone interested in the Classical world is welcome to come and find out a bit more.


The extended project is a single piece of work of a student’s choosing that requires evidence of planning, preparation, research and self directed working. An extended project is about the size of half an A level. The aim of the extended project is to strengthen your programme of study by testing a wider range of skills.

Students might use their project at interview stage for higher education and/or in their personal statement on the UCAS form.

During the EPQ the learner will:

Ø     Identify, design, plan and complete an individual project (or task within a group project), applying organizational skills and strategies to meet stated objectives

Ø     Obtain and select information from a range of sources, analyse data, apply relevantly and demonstrate understanding of any appropriate linkages, connections and complexities of the topic

Ø     Select and use a range of skills, including new technologies where appropriate, to solve problems, to take decisions critically, creatively and flexibly, and to achieve planned outcomes

Ø     Evaluate outcomes including own learning and performance and select and use a range of  communication skills and media to convey and present evidenced outcomes and conclusions


Enrichment in Performing Arts Department.

A band of all instruments and abilities playing pop/jazz/funk/soul etc

A band playing Funk Soul and Jazz in concerts in the college.