The English reading enrichment with highly caffeinated monthly meetings.

A course designed to develop your skills as a writer of prose fiction and non-fiction, poetry and scripts.

This course will develop your interest in the ways in which language is used in a variety of texts, formats and contexts. You will learn the fascinating ways in which language is structured and how it functions in society. You will also be interested in how you express yourself in your own writing with competence and sophistication. A key element in your second year is the enthralling study of language in society and the ways in which the English Language has evolved and continues to evolve over the centuries alongside the ways in which we acquire language when we are children.

Study a range of literary and non-literary texts; develop your skills as a writer of fiction and non-fiction texts. 

The enjoyment, exploration, discussion and analysis of a range of literary texts of different types and periods.

Functional Skills English (Level 1 and Level 2) will give you practical skills for the modern world. There are two units which assess your reading and writing, and a third unit which assesses your speaking and listening.  The course helps you to get the most out of life, learning and work. This course provides useful preparation for the GCSE English course.

This a re-sit course which aims to bring students (who gained a Grade D/ Grade 3 at school) up to at least Grade 4 (Grade C). The course is the AQA GCSE English Language 8700 specification.