The new linear A level involves gaining experience in contemporary and jazz performance, choreography and developing  critical skills about Dance . It provides an opportunity to learn about both historical and current dance practice, and to reflect on  your own practical work within the context of professional dance.

Exploration of theatre and drama


The A2 continues the in-depth study of recording, sequencing and production and introduces composition using music technology. There is also a final written exam, which will test your musical understanding and your ability to correct recorded music and write about technological processes.

The exploration of theatre and drama

A Level Music involves Performing, Composing, Listening and Analysing

In the first year, you will develop extensive recording techniques, sequencing and arranging skills and you work towards a listening exam by studying popular music and associated technology. 

This enrichment activity allows you to further develop your performance skills through performing monologues or duologues from Shakespeare plays of your choice.  The examination takes place at Guildhall School of Music and Drama.